Product quality

“We are what we eat”

Scientists found that food has the most valuable impact on our thinking processes. Our food influence not only on our health but also our mood and clear thinking. Low-quality food and the disrepair of ecosystems always lead to negative changes in the health and well-being of each of us.

“Quality Control Points”

  1. Irrigation Water (Ukraine laboratory)
  2. Soil Quality (US laboratory)
  3. Farm location – Green area
  4. Fertilizers (Ukraine laboratory)
  5. Tillage Control (DSTU standards)
  6. Seeds (Ukraine laboratory)
  7. Growing seedlings (Ukraine phytopathology laboratory)
  8. Growing seedlings (US leaf diagnostics laboratory)
  9. Seedling cultivation (seedling soil analysis by Ukraine laboratory)
  10. Seedling (US field phytopathology laboratory)
  11. Quality control of seedlings transplantation
  12. Soil moisture control
  13. Control of the use of crop protection products
  14. Herbicides non-use
  15. Mechanical Operations Control (HACCP)
  16. Manual weeding control (HACCP)
  17. Field cultivation monitoring (Ukraine phytopathology laboratory)
  18. Field cultivation monitoring (US leaflet laboratory)
  19. Field cultivation monitoring (US soil lab analysis)
  20. Harvest control (HACCP)
  21. Control of staff access
  22. Quality control of finished products (radiation, nitrates, pesticides – Ukraine protocol laboratory)
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